Documentary Directing

The Boy With A Tumour For A Face

3BM Television

Five, Discovery, C4 International 

Indie Award Nominated documentary about a boy with the largest facial tumours on medical record 

'A surprisingly touching and inspirational documentary…a deeply beautiful story of parental devotion' Sunday Times 
"I've never seen anything sadder than his big tears rolling down those enormous swollen cheeks." Sam Wollaston G2.

The Torso in The Thames 

3BM Television, C4

Indie Award nominated documentary in which I 

was embedded with the police investigation into the first ritual murder in the UK.

"What made police realise this was something extremely unusual was that the child was killed by a sharp cut to the throat and drained of all blood says Evy Barry director of a Channel 4 documentary." Daily Express

Murder Squad

9 part series for ITV

Shine Television

Narrated by Peter Capaldi 

A series featuring Metropolitan Murder Squad detectives as they investigate crimes across the capital from gangland stabbings to stranger knifings. 

‘Gritty’. The Sun

Does Snuff Exist?

Lion Television, 1 x 60 C4 

A film looking at the evidence for the existence of one of the most talked about types of movie of all time, snuff movies. By interviewing film directors, actors & police the film deconstructs the arguments surrounding this most enduring of cinematic legends.

‘Investigates the enduring and disturbing urban myth (let’s hope) of films containing footage of genuine deaths.’ The Independent.

A Night For Heroes 

Two Four 1 x 90 ITV

Animal Maternity Hospital 

IWC Media, 6 x 60 Five 

Got Thin Got Fat

IWC Media 1 x 60 Five 

CEO Guru 

BBC World/News online 6x4